Hi, I'm Alison! I'm a self-taught artist who loves creating every day.

I've been painting since 2014 when a dear friend taught me watercolor. Before that, I didn't even know I could draw, much less paint!

Those initial months of experimenting with watercolor unlocked the artist within me and gave me confidence to try different mediums. I create in watercolor, gouache, ink, and acrylics.

I've heard it said that an artist's worldview is reflected in what they create. I create from a place of joy, and I view the world through the lens of beauty. I see beauty in ordinary objects, people, and places. Even in the dark spaces.

Life is punctuated by rejoicing and grieving, often simultaneously. God gives us beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3). This is my intention in creating: to multiply beauty and bring joy through my art.

As a disciple of Jesus, my art also reflects my friendship with Him. Jesus saw the beauty in everything and everyone because His Father created it all and gave Him authority over all created things. Including us, His image-bearers.

So in making art, I'm worshiping the Creator, mirroring my friendship with Jesus, and living out my redeemed identity, who God created me to be.

Each of us is creative because our Father is creative. I pray that you will be inspired to discover how you can reflect His image within you by creating every day to the glory of God!

I enjoy bringing your vision to life through paint and ink. If you'd like to commission a unique piece of art, please email me!